Andrea Bogomolni


Andrea Bogomolni obtained a B.A. (Studio Art) and B.S. (Wildlife, Fisheries and Conservation Biology) from UC Davis, M.A. (Biology) from Boston University and Ph.D (Pathobiology) as well as a Certificate in Public Health from UCONN. She was a Postdoctoral Fellow and Guest Investigator at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Over the last six years she has taught marine mammal science at Bridgewater State University Cape Cod, the Massachusetts Maritime Academy and at the Shoals Marine Lab where she started a seal research program a decade ago. She currently chairs the Northwest Atlantic Seal Research Consortium. Her work focuses on understanding the links between marine mammal and human health and she has developed a uniquely interdisciplinary skill set in scientific research, education and outreach. As an interdisciplinary community scientist, her collaborators include fishermen, veterinarians, engineers, marine mammal stranding organizations, social scientists, economists, NGOs, fishery and marine protected species managers, teachers, artists, land owners and local residents. The goals of her work are to be able to understand what we need to sustainably make use of our limited ocean resources, provide the knowledge needed to mitigate human impact on marine species, understand risks of these impacts, facilitate collaborations, and raise awareness of ocean health and the connection to human health.

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