Mike Armstrong,
PhD. //

Assistant Director // Massachusetts Division


Dr. Michael Armstrong received his Masters in Marine Science from the College of William and Mary and his Doctorate in Marine Zoology from the University of New Hampshire. Dr. Armstrong is an Assistant Director at the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries where he has worked for twenty-three years. He heads up the Fisheries Biology Section which encompasses all biological studies, surveys, and stock assessments conducted by the Division on commercially, recreationally, and ecologically important marine, estuarine, and diadromous species. He also oversees the Division’s Recreational Fisheries Program, including the implementation of the MRIP field intercept program for Massachusetts. He formerly worked for the Florida Marine Research Institute, the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, and University of New Hampshire. Dr. Armstrong has an extensive background in fish biology, analysis of fishery data, stock assessment, fisheries management and many aspects of estuarine, wetland, and coastal ecology. He has published papers on a number of aquatic species including river herring, winter flounder, striped bass, goosefish, Atlantic herring, weakfish, American lobster, northern shrimp, and bluefish. He serves on the ASMFC management boards for Striped Bass, Shad and River Herring, Northern Shrimp, and Sturgeon. Dr. Armstrong serves as adjunct faculty at UMass-Amherst and UMass-Dartmouth.

Mike Armstrong