Martin Pillsbury //

Faculty // Water Resources


Mr. Pillsbury manages MAPC's environmental programs, including water resources planning, the Hazard Mitigation program, and an EPA Brownfields Assessment program in collaboration with the cities of Peabody and Salem. He participates in state water resources policy development as a Gubernatorial appointee to the Water Management Advisory Committee, and he was a member of the legislative Water Infrastructure Finance Commission as an appointee of the House Speaker.

Working with local municipalities, Mr. Pillsbury has provided technical assistance on groundwater protection, watershed planning, nonpoint source pollution, and stormwater management for multple communities across the region. Mr. Pillsbury manages MAPC?s WaterSmart program, which includes the Massachusetts Low Impact Development Toolkit, the SummerSmart Guide to Peak Season Water Demand, and the Massachusetts Guide to Water Reuse. He also oversees MAPC?s environmental reviews of development projects under NEPA and the Mass. Environmental Policy Act (MEPA).

Prior to joining MAPC, Mr. Pillsbury served as an environmental planner for Wallace, Floyd Associates where he worked on the MDC Long Range Water Supply Study 2020, and the New England River Basins Commission, where he produced a watershed analysis for the Housatonic River basin. Mr. Pillsbury earned a Master of Regional Planning from the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia and a Bachelor of Arts in Geography from Rutgers University, New Jersey. Outside of his duties at MAPC, he has taught a college level course on water resources management for the Marine Studies Consortium since 1992. He was invited to present to the United Nations Symposium on Water and the City at UNESCO headquarters in Paris, France in 1997.

Martin Pillsbury