Ocean Policy and Management (Coastal Zone Management ) //

Course Overview

The coastal zone is where the land meets the sea, containing many of the earth?s most complex, diverse and productive ecological systems. This course presents a survey of the coastal environment, its physical characteristics, natural systems, economic uses and development pressures. More than 60 percent of the world ' s population lives within 60 kilometers of the coast and two-thirds of cities with population over 2.5 million are situated near estuaries. Coastal zones are often placed under multiple and intense pressures. This can result in short- term and long-term time threats as well as spatial changes in environmental quality leading to environmental, socio-economic and cultural resource problems.

The course will examine strategies formulated in the US for land and water resource management in the coastal zone. The roles of federal, state and local government, environmental groups and resource users are also explored. You will also ?learning from experience?, through the use of hands-on case studies relating to work conducted in diverse coastal locations covering both developed and developing countries.

No prerequisites. Offered Spring Semester, annually.


  • Robert Brock


  • Spring | Thursdays